Four Problems You May Encounter When Digging Your Basement

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When you're building a new custom home, when the day comes to finally break ground and start on the basement, it is incredibly exciting. It's important that you understand the potential problems the excavator may need to contend with and how they could affect your budget, however. Here is what you need to know. Poor Site Clearing Homeowners often opt to clear the site for excavation themselves as it can save a bit on the final bill.

28 May 2019

Where To Install A Septic System On Your Property

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You know that you want to build a septic tank on your property, the problem is — you don't know where to build it. Contrary to the belief of some, selecting the right space for your septic tank requires more than merely finding a wide-open expanse of land to accommodate the system. The process is a lot more involved. Before you embark on the construction process, learn about some of the factors that typically come into play when selecting a site for a septic system installation.

19 April 2019

What To Look For In A Log Home Contractor

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A log home is a luxurious, classic style of home build that can make your dream of home ownership much more enjoyable. With several styles of log houses to consider, such as classic rounded linked log designs or more modern and contemporary styles — and even log homes that feature some standard home construction features like stucco and siding — you can have a hard time deciding just what type of log home you want to create.

27 February 2019

Make Your Bathroom More Intelligent With Smart Plumbing Options

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Smart technology is available in just about every direction you look. However, when the average homeowner makes smart updates to their home, the bathroom is one room that is often overlooked. All sorts of modern technology are available that can make your time spent in the room more relaxing, make your fixtures more functional, and even help you save on your water consumption costs. LED Temperature Sensors LED temperature sensors offer a great way to keep your family safe from scalding water and give you a greater sense of temperature control.

15 January 2019