Adding Epoxy To Your Cement Garage Floor


If you have a cement flooring in your garage, you may want to give it some extra protection to keep it from fading or cracking. Adding epoxy to an existing cement surface will help keep it from deteriorating and will give it an eye-pleasing shine. Here are some directions you can use to make your garage floor stand out while giving it a layer of protection. Making Preparations Before you add an epoxy layer to your flooring, it will need to be scrubbed thoroughly to remove any grease or oil stains that may be on the surface.

5 March 2015

Making A Heater For Warming A Small Room If The Furnace Breaks


If your heater suddenly stops working when it's cold outside you may have to wait a day or two before the HVAC technician can make it out to you to repair the heater for you. If it's very cold then this can present a problem. Luckily, you can make a small heater out of items you have lying around your house to warm up one or more of the rooms in your home until help arrives.

4 February 2015

Transform Your Bathroom From Drab To Fab


Everyone wants to be proud of their home. When you fail to invest in your home, it can start to lose its appeal and function. Over time, your family may start to grow out of the home. Although selling your home and buying a new one may be an option, it can get expensive and time consuming. By putting a little effort into the home you already have, you could end up recouping your money plus more when you do decide to sell it.

27 January 2015

3 User-Friendly Features To Look For When You Buy A New French Door Refrigerator


Buying a new French door refrigerator can be a good experience if you know what you want ahead of time. Refrigerators have changed a lot in the past few years, and they are designed much better and last longer too. When you go shopping for a new one, here are 3 features to look for that will make your fridge more user-friendly. Temperature Controls While many older models of refrigerators have temperature controls labeled 1 through 10, some modern fridges are designed with digital temperature controls on the outside of the door.

14 January 2015

Mold In The Home: When To Call In The Professionals


All homes are plagued with the occasional spot of mold in the cracks between shower tiles or on wet towels left on the floor for several days, but some homes have a far more serious mold problem. Minor cases of mold are just a nuisance, but in some cases mold can pose a health risk. Knowing when to call in the mold abatement professionals can be the difference between staying well and getting sick, but first understand exactly what mold is and how it forms:

5 January 2015

Preparing Your Sprinkler System For Winter Weather


Each year when winter sets in, you want to make sure you prepare your sprinkler system in order to protect it from damage due to freezing temperature. If you don't take the proper steps to prepare your system, you may end up dealing with freezing pipes, wasted water and dangerous situations from ice hazards. Follow the tips below to prepare your sprinkler system for winter weather: Locate your water main shutoff and label it

30 December 2014

4 Window Installation Tips


Every home needs windows, and you can save money by installing them yourself. Window installation is not excessively difficult, but there are some important things that you should know before getting started. Listed below are four window installation tips that can make the process easier and you more satisfied with your results.  1. Know Your Area and the Codes: It would be incredibly frustrating to get started on your window installation just to find out you cannot proceed.

18 December 2014