Important Reasons Why Sewer Cleaning Should Be Done Yearly

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Are you the new owner of a house? Are you making a list of things that need to be done regularly in order to keep everything running smoothly? While you may already know about changing air filters or putting up storm shutters to protect your windows, there are other tasks that are less obvious. One of these things that should be done is to have your sewers inspected and cleaned out every year.

26 August 2016

3 Tips To Prevent Your Cat From Scratching Your Screen Door

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Even if your cat is very well-behaved, there is a chance that it is tempted to jump at and scratch your screen door. After all, bugs might land on the screen door and trigger your cat's hunting instinct, and there is also something about mesh screens that make them ultra-appealing for cats that are looking to sharpen their claws. Luckily, it is possible for cats and screen doors to co-exist; just follow these three tips to help keep your kitty away from your screen door.

6 August 2016

When You Need To Repave Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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If you own property with a parking lot, you might come to a point when you have to decide whether you need to repair and seal it, or have the pavement redone completely. There are some cases where sealing is no longer going to cut it, and you need to hire a professional paving company to come in and repave the parking lot. The following includes information about when you need to have the parking lot repaved.

23 July 2016

Why You Might Want To Have Impact Windows Installed In Your Home

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If you are getting ready to have your residential windows replaced, you might want to consider replacing them with impact windows. To help you decide if this would be the best option for you, you will want to check out the following benefits. They Can Save You Money The impact windows are great for reflecting the sun away from your house instead of absorbing all of that heat. This means that you will not have to spend as much money to keep your house at a comfortable temperature during the hot summer months.

6 July 2016

Two Signs That It's Time To Service Your Septic Tank

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Your septic tank is one of the most important parts of your household plumbing system.  It separates the liquid and solid waste that exits your home so that the wastewater can be absorbed into the drain field.  However, because the septic tank is typically hidden underground, it can be difficult to know when there's something wrong with it.  Learning more about the signs of septic tank problems can help you determine if you should have your unit serviced as soon as possible.

20 June 2016

DIY Maintenance Checklist For Your Automatic Gate

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Having access to an automatic gate can make it easy to enter and exit your property without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. To ensure that your automatic gate continues to work properly, regular maintenance is required. Here are three simple things that should be on your DIY maintenance checklist when it comes to better maintaining your automatic driveway gate in the future. 1. Lubricate the hinges. Opening and closing your automatic gate repeatedly can take a toll on the hinges used to attach your gate to the fence surrounding your home.

1 June 2016

3 Features Your Custom Gate Needs

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When it comes to securing the privacy of your home, few things are more effective than a fence around the perimeter of your property. Gates serve a valuable role in helping you gain access to a fenced area, but they can also be decorative as well. If you are planning to invest in a custom gate, here are three features you should consider including. 1. Iron Design When you want your custom gate to reflect your own unique personal sense of style, then adding some iron designs can be beneficial.

12 May 2016

3 Things to Do with Your Old Windows When You Upgrade

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If you have old, single pane windows in your home, it is time to upgrade to double or triple pane windows. New windows will help keep your home better insulated and will reduce environmental noise from outside. However, your old windows do not have to go to a landfill. Here are a few ways you can transform your old windows into something new and useful for your home. #1 Hallway Coat Rack 

27 April 2016

The Perks Of Fiber Cement Siding

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You don't need to have a ton of money to effectively change your exterior walls. There are many great siding materials that are affordable and specifically made for easy installation. These products are targeted at homeowners who want to do the work on their own and make the project even more affordable. Most people think of vinyl siding when they think of affordable siding products. However, there are other options on the market.

13 April 2016

3 Signs Your Water System Needs To Be Looked At

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Water treatment systems are a great addition to any home. They help give you crisp, clean water for your whole family to enjoy. While these systems often work fine, there comes a time when you might have to do repairs on your water softener to keep it working properly. To help you determine when your system needs to be looked at, here are three common signs to be on the lookout for.

16 March 2016