High and Dry After Flood Damage

Repairing the damage done to your home after a flood can look like an overwhelming job. In most cases, it’s best to seek out the services of a professional flood damage restoration team. But when my home flooded a few years ago, I found out that there were some things that I could do myself. Books, clothes, and even furniture can recover from water damage under the right circumstances. Knowing how to prevent mold, and remove it when you find it, can also come in handy after a flood. I know that it can be a devastating event for a family. That’s why I started this blog – to share my experience with flood damage and share the things that I learned that helped me put my home back together. With both professional help, and amateur ideas, hopefully you can learn something useful from my experience.

Make Your Bathroom More Intelligent With Smart Plumbing Options

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Smart technology is available in just about every direction you look. However, when the average homeowner makes smart updates to their home, the bathroom is one room that is often overlooked. All sorts of modern technology are available that can make your time spent in the room more relaxing, make your fixtures more functional, and even help you save on your water consumption costs.

LED Temperature Sensors

LED temperature sensors offer a great way to keep your family safe from scalding water and give you a greater sense of temperature control. LED temperature sensors are a specialized form of a water faucet that uses LED lights to turn the water a specific color based on its temperature. So, when the water temperature is cool, it will flow out in a blue hue, and a red hue when it is hot. 

Touch-Free Toilets

Is flushing the toilet an occasional practice in your home? Touch-free toilets are a great solution because they don't require manual flushing. Touchless toilets have built-in sensors that detect when the user stands up. Once this movement is detected, the toilet flushes on its own. Some of these models also have a cleansing function, that will spray warm water on the user to simulate a wiping experience. There are also toilets with seat warming functions. 

Digital Shower

Every person's idea of a comfortable shower is different. For some people, a lukewarm water experience is best and for someone else a hot steamy shower is ideal. Digital shower systems allow you to save your preferences and use a simple button to activate your settings as soon as you step into the shower. In addition to water temperature, you can also control the spraying style of the shower head with this feature. 

Sensing Faucets

If you have small children in the home who sometimes forget to shut off the water faucet, install a sensing faucet to increase your water use efficiency. Sensing faucets detect usage through motion sensors. When the user has walked away from the faucet for a specific period, it will automatically shut off. Some high-tech models are also programmable, which means you can preset the amount of time the water stays on before it turns off, such as after 2 minutes. 

Don't leave the bathroom behind, upgrade the space with modern technology options. Visit a plumbing supply store, like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, to discover even more smart additions you can include in your space. 


15 January 2019