High and Dry After Flood Damage

Repairing the damage done to your home after a flood can look like an overwhelming job. In most cases, it’s best to seek out the services of a professional flood damage restoration team. But when my home flooded a few years ago, I found out that there were some things that I could do myself. Books, clothes, and even furniture can recover from water damage under the right circumstances. Knowing how to prevent mold, and remove it when you find it, can also come in handy after a flood. I know that it can be a devastating event for a family. That’s why I started this blog – to share my experience with flood damage and share the things that I learned that helped me put my home back together. With both professional help, and amateur ideas, hopefully you can learn something useful from my experience.

Common Myths About Commercial Flood Damage And The Truth About These Myths

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If your commercial building has recently experienced a flood, you may be thinking about hiring a flood damage professional to help with the cleanup process. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there related to commercial flood damage and the services offered to clean up after flooding. Here are a few common myths you need to be aware of following commercial flooding and the truth surrounding these myths. 

You Don't Need Professional Help Following a Commercial Flood

One of the biggest myths out there is that you do not need professional help following a flood. Many people think that they can remove the sitting water themselves and clean up the mess, helping to quickly get their business open again. However, when a building floods, water can be hiding where you cannot see it. It can seep into concrete surfaces, into drywall, or be absorbed by insulation. If all of the water is not removed, mold and mildew can grow and bacteria can thrive. A professional can properly remove all of the moisture from your commercial building, ensuring the building is safe and sanitary after a flood. 

There is No Difference Between Residential and Commercial Flood Damage Services

Another common myth is that there is no difference between residential flood damage and commercial flood damage. As such, many people do not realize that they need to hire a professional service that has experience with commercial flood damage cleanup. Commercial buildings are often larger than residential homes and have different needs. The equipment used to remove water and dry out a large commercial building may vary from the equipment used to dry out a home. Understanding that the cleanup process is different between the two helps to ensure that you contract the right professional when you need flood damage services. 

Flood Damage Can Be Repaired Quickly

The last myth is that flood damage can be repaired quickly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order for flood damage to be repaired, all of the moisture in the building must first be removed -- this takes time. Dehumidifiers and blowers are typically brought in to help the space dry out, but it can take up to a week for a space to completely dry out. Once the space is dry, work can begin to remove damaged flooring, soaked drywall and insulation, and wet electrical components. 

A commercial flood damage specialist can work with your company to help clean up after a flood. While it is not a fast process, they can ensure that water is properly removed from the building, reducing the risk of mold growth in the future. If you have experienced a flood in your commercial building, contact a commercial flood damage specialist as quickly as possible. You can visit sites like http://www.apex411.com for more information.


16 June 2018