High and Dry After Flood Damage

Repairing the damage done to your home after a flood can look like an overwhelming job. In most cases, it’s best to seek out the services of a professional flood damage restoration team. But when my home flooded a few years ago, I found out that there were some things that I could do myself. Books, clothes, and even furniture can recover from water damage under the right circumstances. Knowing how to prevent mold, and remove it when you find it, can also come in handy after a flood. I know that it can be a devastating event for a family. That’s why I started this blog – to share my experience with flood damage and share the things that I learned that helped me put my home back together. With both professional help, and amateur ideas, hopefully you can learn something useful from my experience.

5 Plumbing Upgrades To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Modern Space To Cook


With the kitchen being one of the most-used rooms in the home, it makes sense to invest money into this space when planning to do some remodeling. If you want the most value from the remodeling work, it's a good idea to look into which projects will benefit you most on a daily basis. From buying new appliances to working on the actual plumbing itself, the following projects can all add value to your kitchen and make it more enjoyable to cook in.

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet is used with every meal, whether for filling pots of water or for washing dishes after eating. Many people are now switching older faucets to ones that include a detachable hose to make spraying dishes easier. If your kitchen faucet hasn't been replaced in years, you may want to look into the choices for faucets available to you.

Water Softener

With how much your hands make contact with the water from your faucet, it's a good idea to have the water softened so that your skin won't be irritated. Quality water softeners can help reduce the hardness in tap water and make it easier on your skin and reduce residue when washing dishes.

Garbage Disposal

Most modern kitchens now have a garbage disposal in the sink, allowing you to rinse food down the drain without the fear of clogs. When looking into getting a disposal for your kitchen, make sure you get familiar with what can and cannot be safely rinsed down. Some things to avoid include egg shells, pasta, rice, and oil.


Washing dishes by hand can be time-consuming and even lead to more water usage than you're comfortable with, making a dishwasher one of the most desired features in modern kitchens. In fact, a new Energy Star-rated dishwasher can help clean your dishes and reduce your water usage significantly compared to outdated models.

Water Heater

Waiting for water to heat up during winter can be frustrating when you need hot water quickly. Luckily, replacing the water heater with a newer model can solve this problem instantly. With options such as tankless, conventional, and solar water heaters, you'll need to consider what's the best fit for your needs and budget.

Making some upgrades to your kitchen involving the plumbing can help update the space and give you a huge return in value if you ever intend on selling. The above upgrades are all smart options that companies like C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with to provide many benefits over the years. 


31 March 2015